High School: Backpacks and Purses

Dear Parents:

Due to safety measures, students will not be allowed to have backpacks and large purses in the classroom.  Purses should be no larger than the size of a textbook.  Students are given 5 minutes between classes to go to their locker to get what they need.

Thanks for your Corporation,

Principal Berry

High School Cell Phones and Social Media

September 26, 2016

High School Office

Dear Pontiac Academy for Excellence Academy Family and Friends:

It has come to my attention, about a social media incident pertaining to a group that calls themselves the “KLOWNS”.   An Oakland County Sheriff was brought into the school and made aware of this cyber group.  Be rest assured that Oakland County Sheriff’s office are investigating.

Please use due diligence with monitoring your children’s cell phone usage.

Starting October 10, 2016, please be advised that cell phones will not be allowed during school session. Students may use phones before and after school but NOT during the day.

If for any reason you child needs to get a hold of you they may come to the office to call you, or  an office official will contact you.  If your child needs their phone for and emergency or they forgot a parent/guardian phone number; we will escort the student to get the phone.  The penalty for phone usage is going to be non-negotiable. I hope you will help me in making PAE an institution for learning and growing and together we can do this.


  1. Take phone away; call home
  2. Phone will not be allowed on campus and only be returned to a parent
  3. Suspension or In School Suspension

At PAE we are going to take this seriously as it affects the safety of all our students.

We are planning on having a Cyber Bullying and Cell Phone Usage protocol seminar, with our Michigan Attorney General real soon. We will keep you updated.


Principal Berry

Pontiac Academy for Excellence High School

Greetings PAE Parents,

The future of Pontiac Academy for Excellence High School is bright. The school, like the community it serves, is rich in diversity, where uniqueness is celebrated and differences are seen as opportunities for learning. PAE students will develop a strong sense of community with structurally designed learning styles and classrooms, and will be supported by a staff that is geared to meet the individual needs of every student.

I am looking forward to the 2016-17 school year and continuing to work with the students, parents, and staff.  This will be an exciting year and I am proud to be a part of it! The theme for this year is “Humble and Kind”.

Parents please make sure your child adheres to the uniform and cell phone policy which can be found in the student handbook. Listed below are the upcoming events at PAE for September and October.


Sep 20     Parent Breakfast 8:30am

School Board Meeting

Sep 28     K-12 Late Start Day


Oct 3-7    Count Week

Oct 3         Picture Day

Oct 5        Count Day

Oct 7       Charity Walk

Oct 12     K-12 Late Start Day

Oct 13     Parent Workshop

Oct 13     Progress Reports Distributed

Oct 13     Parent Teacher Conferences

4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Oct 14     No School for Students

Parent Teacher Conferences

8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (by appointment only)

Oct 18     School Board Meeting

Oct 21     Parent Empowerment Day

Oct 26     K-12 Late Start Day

Oct 28     No School for Students

                Professional Learning Day

Oct 31     Elementary Fall Harvest Celebration

With Learning in Mind,

Ms. Nada Berry

Nada Berry, High School Principal